Elevate your next event with a unique movement-based connective adventure that’ll bring attendees together in an uplifting experience suitable for everyone.


In my workshops and presentations, I help people get unstuck, heal childhood wounds, and even break free from patterns holding them back—both personally and professionally.

Like you, I’ve been to a lot of workshops and seminars over the years. Some have been great. Others…not so much.

Most of the time, people are fidgety, bored, and disengaged. Usually it’s the audience. But sometimes it includes the speakers and facilitators, too.

It’s no one’s fault, per se; it’s the nature of events like that. Humans aren’t built to sit still and listen to someone reading off a PowerPoint deck, no matter how nice the slides are.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s something to be said for an information-dense presentation. And maybe some people really do learn best that way. I’m just not one of them.

After years of attending and speaking at events and always leaving unsatisfied, I started asking other people. People like me, people like you: is this actually working for you? Is anyone enjoying this? Am I just crazy?

As it turns out, I’m not alone.

Conversations with so many other people—from entrepreneurs to HR managers to women engaged in any kind of self-work—led me to do some research. (Well, a lot of research.)

The data shows us—quite conclusively—that most people learn faster, retain more, and embody the lessons when they’re engaged in multiple ways at once.

Which is why I decided to create something radically different. Something truly holistic and focused on experiential learning.

Now, years later, it’s one of the primary ways I serve the world. And the crazy thing is, it’s not as complex as you might think.

It comes down to three main things: connection, collaboration, and compassion.


The way we interact with others is often a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. If we feel safe enough, we can bring our bodies and minds into alignment to process our emotions and begin to heal our wounds. In a communal space, this allows us to interact with others from a place of openness, making the experience more effective and fulfilling.

The frameworks of my programs and workshops start with that in mind; because everyone brings something into the room. Creating the safe space for those things, in an environment of support grants the freedom to express our authentic selves, fully.

Attendees connect to themselves by connection through others, and we all make each other better.


Through sharing experiences and working with others and toward common goals we can learn more about ourselves, while achieving great results. Being able to communicate with a team and work together means we can depend on others to contribute to our success—and vice versa.

Because Western civilization focuses on independence and self-reliance, many of us have learned that’s the only way to survive. It isn’t. Our ancestors often worked together and collaborated; collaboration is part of how we’re wired.

In my workshops, we use group exercise, storytelling, and science-backed team-building practices to ensure every person in the room knows they have something to offer, something to teach, and something to learn—and benefits by doing all three.

After the workshops, people report feelings of camaraderie, leading to better performance at work and at home.


Leaning into compassion for ourselves and others is the gateway to acceptance and eliminating many of our limiting beliefs.

Over and over, we see the same thing: we’re beating ourselves up for small things–the things that don’t even register as bothersome when other people do them. We hold ourselves to impossible standards, pushing ourselves to be perfect. For a while, that may serve us and help us achieve things, but at some point, we have to move away from consequence and step into compassion.

If we don’t, the pattern continues, hurting our self-esteem and keeping us from standing in our power.

In my workshops, we approach self-compassion through compassion for other people. We have so much trouble being kind to ourselves, but in an environment build on connection and collaboration, compassion happens almost automatically. With people around you showing compassion for you as you do for them, it creates permission and pathways into being kind and showing up for yourself.

Through this, my students are able to address long standing issues, from trauma to body image, and begin the path to heal themselves.

Whether you’re trying to motivate a crowd of 10,000 sales consultants or educate 10 people at an intimate wellness retreat, the ingredients are the same: connection, collaboration, and compassion.

Once you know how important those ingredients are, you can create all kinds of amazing “recipes” for experiences that change peoples lives.

Using those recipes, I guide audiences of all sizes through practices to heal, destress, and feel re-energized through movement and mindset practices.

This includes everything from…

As well as a number of other modalities–practices help your audience break down their barriers and learn what it takes to unlock their own healing power to become the resilient creative life forces that they are.

Your people are special to you, and your event can be special for them. That’s where I come in.

To help you create a safe and non-judgmental space so your guests will feel comfortable enough to loosen up, engage, and connect—the exact places so many facilitators miss the mark.

I work alongside you every step of the way to tailor my healing messages and programs to fit your unique needs to help your guests step out of their comfort zone, recognize their limitless potential and transform to create the life and success they deserve.

If you’re looking for a motivational speaker or presenter who will leave your guests feeling inspired to take action and grow into the best version of themselves, seek no further.

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