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As a trauma survivor who has to navigate life with CPTSD, I’ve learned the importance of prioritizing self-care outside of survival mode. And, as a trauma survivor, coach, and mentor, I’ve also learned just how much experiencing trauma can affect your sleep hygiene. 

Good sleep hygiene leads to a quality night’s sleep, an important part of maintaining your mental and physical health.  In fact, studies have shown that a good night’s sleep will promote a healthy quality of life for trauma-exposed people. That’s why it’s so important that those who’ve experienced trauma take special care to cultivate a bedtime routine that promotes healthy sleep hygiene.

Forming healthy sleep habits is the best place to start when trying to improve your sleep hygiene. Healthy sleep habits are what make up your bedtime routine. Things like shutting off screens, avoiding afternoon caffeine jolts, and making your bedroom relaxing, comfortable and cool. 

And let me be honest, everything I listed above is quite challenging. So my favorite and the easiest part of improving my sleep hygiene was making my bedroom a haven of comfort and relaxation. That’s how I discovered Cozy Earth. Using their products made me excited to go to bed! It’s been a process for me to reorient myself toward joy and allow myself to experience pleasure. So, finding sheets that not only helped me improve my sleep quality but also felt like spoiling myself was liberating. 

Now, Cozy Earth’s products encapsulate my entire bedtime routine. From the towels I use after my evening shower, to the buttery soft PJs I put on, to the luxuriously silky-soft sheets I crawl into, each step of the way Cozy Earth’s products are helping me fight back against my CPTSD and feel worthy of reclaiming my sleep. 

Why do I love these sheets and pajamas so much? Well, aside from them feeling like I’m wrapping myself up into butter every evening, they are thermoregulating and naturally moisture-wicking. This is because they are made out of 100% Bamboo Viscose which is 50% cooler than cotton to sleep on. Oh, and did I mention these sheets are also naturally hypoallergenic? That means less bacteria accumulating between washes, and less risk for colds and asthma irritations keeping you up all night. 

Bamboo, like wool, is an excellent fabric for regulating temperature and studies have shown that consistent thermoregulation is the key to good sleep. On top of that, the natural moisture-wicking keeps my skin dry throughout the night, ensuring I stay perfectly warm. 

If you think my raving is too much, I told you, these are my favorite sheets of all time! Truly, if you want to see how much I love them, check out my Instagram video review here

On a more serious note, as a trauma-informed mentor, I am very choosy when it comes to the companies I partner with. But when helping my clients improve their sleep hygiene and reclaim their rest, I always recommend Cozy Earth. Because their products are not only incredibly helpful for improving the health and quality of life for trauma-exposed people but, like me, they are also ethical. That’s right, Cozy Earth is 100% ethical and sustainable in its production. 

So, what are you waiting for? Join me in embracing comfort, luxury, pleasure, and joy for yourself. You deserve it, not because of what you’ve been through, but because you’re human. Use my code EMILYGRANTSAYS40 for 40% off, improve your sleep hygiene, and start getting the coziest night’s sleep of your life. 


Emily Grant

Hi, I’m Emily. A mentor, coach, intuitive guide and entertainment director who focuses on equipping fellow Trauma Survivors with tools to support them in navigating their challenges so they can work through their fears, develop compassion for themselves, and move through the shame and guilt holding them back from creating the life they desire.

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