Get unstuck, Break Free From Self-Destructive Patterns, Discover the Confidence and Freedom to finally heal Your Wounds

Every one of us has unhealed wounds–and that affects the very lens through which we see the world. 


Whether it’s fear of abandonment resulting from an absentee parent, conflict avoidance from an overly aggressive third grade teacher, or something more serious like “capital T” Trauma, our wounds shape the way we navigate the world.

Most of us know this; we understand in our minds. Cognitively, we have a grasp on it. But in our bodies? In or subconscious? In our souls? We might recognize it, but we don’t really do anything with that information.

Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, you will call it fate and it will rule your life.” 

That describes most of us. It certainly described me.
I get it–looking at it is scary. That fear keeps so many of us blind. Quiet. Asleep.

Until something wakes us up.

Some call it a moment of clarity; some call it a gut check; others call it a spiritual awakening.

What most people don’t call it is a seizure. But that’s what it was for me.
The irony of gaining spiritual consciousness from falling physically unconscious isn’t lost on me, but that isn’t the half of it.

In a minute, I’m going to tell you all about how passing out in a strip club was both the weirdest moment of my life AND the root of my “awakening”…but first, let’s talk a little bit about you.

You’re probably a lot like I was back then. Like a lot of my clients are, even today.


Maybe you’re the black sheep of your family, a loner, or a self-identified misfit...

I see you. I hear you. I understand you.
And, above all, I wrote this very page for you.

My name is Emily Grant

And these days, I work as a transformational coach, helping people all across the world accomplish in months what it took me years to do: get unstuck.
I help people heal, and find their voice, and step into their power–and all the other things people want, deep down.

But “deep down” is a long way away for most of us.

The first step, the most important step, the hardest step…that’s getting unstuck.

My work started long before my awakening. As a child, adults often referred to me as an old soul and came to me requesting my insights into how to navigate their relationships. By the time I got to university, studying psychology was more of a calling than a decision.

But it was really my own awakening that allowed me to successfully guide dozens of people through theirs; I’ve been featured on podcasts, written articles and essays, and have spoken on stages to packed auditoriums over over 500 people.

Now, I want to guide you through it. Let’s start with one of my favorite heart opening exercises.

Are you up for that? It’ll take just 30 seconds and I promise it’ll reset your nervous system and help you feel embodied in this moment.

Ready? Okay.

Take a minute and breathe with me. Seriously. I want you to take a deep breath. Then another. Then five more.

Hard questions, I know. Back then, when I passed out in a strip club, I thought I knew the answers to those questions, but there were so many more layers to my suffering beneath what I thought I knew.

It wasn’t until a few weeks after I’d woken up in a hospital bed that I started to dive deeper into those deep questions.
Before I give you my answers, let’s talk about what I mean when I say stuck.

Very simply: on repeat.

When people are stuck, they’re in patterns. Ingrained conditioned patterns they’ve spent a lifetime developing, reinforcing, and living in; patterns keeping them where they are emotionally, psychologically, and often physically.

Patterns of self-abandonment. Patterns of self-loathing. Patterns of self-sabotage.

Those patterns keep us not just where we are, but keep us from getting to where we want to be.
And until the exact moment we have that wake up call, it’s hard to even recognize those patterns, let alone break them and change them.
For you, that wake up call might be RIGHT NOW, reading these words.

Which, I have to tell you, is probably a lot better than ending up drunk, overworked, and getting drugged at the Sapphire Club the way I did.

Now, firstly, this is a true story

And, since this is one of the few Spiritual Awakening stories that involves roofies, I just want to say upfront that I’m totally okay. It was scary, but I’m safe and nothing horrible happened. So, consider this more of a “spoiler alert” than a Trigger Warning.

But, let’s look at how I wound up there.

Like so many people, I had a childhood fraught with trauma.

This is more about you than me, but for a quick rundown, I was dealing with…

That’s a lot for anyone to process.

…if only I’d processed it. Instead, like so, so many of my clients, I ran from it; hid from it; denied it; suppressed it. I pushed it down and away, never allowing myself to deal with any of it.

So I hid. I hid in movement and performance, becoming a professional dancer.

I hid in partying and nightlife, working in go-go and doing background dancing for music videos and celebrities, staying out till all hours.

I hid in heavy drinking and occasional recreational drug use.

I hid in other people’s pain and problems, always feeling I needed to be strong for everyone else; partially out of love for them, but also because it kept me from facing my own issues.

Most of all, I hid in work. As long as I was being “productive” I felt I was okay.

But, of course, I was suffering. And not just from depression. There was also anxiety disorder, ADHD, and OCD, and PTSD. All the big ones.
It was an ice cream sundae of mental illness; which, as it turns out, is a disturbingly common response to a cocktail of unprocessed childhood trauma. And I had trauma aplenty.

By 2017, I’d reached the end of my endurance. I couldn’t push it down anymore. I was having sporadic breakdowns, finding myself crying in the bathroom. I was on edge and feeling unsafe. But, still: I denied it.

And then, fate intervened. To this day, I believe that getting roofied in that strip club on the Upper East Side of Manhattan was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

There I was, dancing, smiling, laughing- hiding

Drinking, sweating, flirting–suppressing. And then I took a sip of what I thought was just Grey Goose and cranberry but turned out to be spiked with roofies.

Less than two minutes later, the drug took hold, my body began to seize…and then everything went black. Next thing I know, I’m waking up at Lennox Hill Hospital and answering questions to doctors asking me if I was trying to kill myself.

Again: this is the best thing that could’ve happened to me. Because waking up in that hospital bed forced me to slow down. To stop. To take stock.

To ask myself, “what am I doing?”

Passing out at that club forced me to stop moving. And once I stopped moving, I realized it was time to stop running. From the pain, from my past. It was time to face it.

And that’s when it all started: the questioning. The learning. The growth. The WORK.

Eventually, the healing.

And nothing has ever, ever been more meaningful, more impactful, or more beautiful.

Which is exactly what I want for you.

(Hopefully, without the roofies.)

Your Time To Heal Is Now: It’s Time To Stop Running, Stop Hiding, Stop Suppressing And Break the Patterns Keeping You Where You Are

It’s Time to Get Unstuck

If you’re anything like I used to be, you’re fed up trying to solve what feels like an impossible puzzle.

You’re emotionally exhausted and tired of feeling like you’re unworthy, unstable, and insane. 

And you’re ready to be done spinning around and around like a hamster in a wheel, getting nowhere. Constantly feeling confused, hopeless and, misunderstood.

See, intellectually understanding what you’re going through is not enough to get you where you want to be.


Because stored trauma lives in the body.

And you must safely learn how to feel and face your pain rather than avoid it or resist it.

If you don't... the lesson repeats until it is learned

I see you. I hear you. Your feelings are valid. You are NOT wrong. I am here to hold space for you and support you.

Most importantly, please know: you are absolutely not alone.

So many people feel this same way. So many of my clients say these same things when they begin our work together.

Some common patterns My Clients Face


Those of us with unresolved trauma find ourselves trying to “fix” the past in our current relationships. For some, this leads to a fear of commitment or codependency. For others, it’s a tendency to enter into relationships with emotionally unavailable and/or abusive partners, as they often find themselves bored by the “good ones.” People locked in this relationship pattern go through this over and over and over. Often, becoming retraumatized and picking up more wounds along the way.

Avoidance and Numbing

People who “feel too much” or whose trauma manifests in highly elevated levels of empathy develop less obvious patterns. They take on other peoples’ feelings and constantly find themselves serving as a support system for everyone else, but unable to ask for support themselves. They numb themselves with substances or believe they can overwork or stay busy enough to distract themselves from the deep layers of their suffering. They continue to overburden themselves, equating their worth to their productivity as a way to avoid their pain.

Trust and Fear

People who were never heard, had their reality denied or grew up in unstable households struggle with trusting themselves and other persons. They fail to recognize their needs and core emotions because they were made to believe they need to suppress their emotions in order to be accepted. Their crippling fear and lack of trust in their intuition holds them back from making decisions, speaking their truth and cultivating the life they truly want.

Validation and Acceptance

Constantly seeking approval from others or in their achievements. No matter how much they “achieve” they always feel empty and unfulfilled. They’re obsessed with gaining external validation to compensate for their feelings of worthlessness and often battle perfectionism.

Shame and Guilt

Hiding from conflict by people pleasing and accepting blame to keep from rocking the boat. They stay silent at the expense of their own needs and feelings and struggle to set healthy boundaries, resulting in massive shame and guilt. They obsess over their mistakes, are hard on themselves, and often beat themselves up for their reactions and behaviors.

Client results

It wasn’t until I stopped addressing my symptoms and started treating the underlying core wounds fueling my limiting beliefs that I began to find compassion and grace for myself and get UNSTUCK.

It took rewiring my subconscious programming and recalibrating my nervous system to learn how to accept and forgive myself. 

This is how I transmuted my pain into power.
This is power fuels my purpose, allowing me to help people just like you navigate and shift their internal states.

You may feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty or discomfort and think that this type of healing is not possible for you.

But I believe that there is a part of you, even if it’s a small part, that knows you don’t have to stay suffering forever or else you wouldn’t be here.

You are not damaged goods. 

You’re not “too much.” 

You’re not unlovable.  

You’re not unworthy.

You’re simply navigating and responding to life the only way you know how.

But I’m here to teach you that there are alternate routes.
Robert Frost said, “The only way out is through.”
So It’s time to stop running from your wounds and create space for your pain. It’s time to give yourself the permission to experience the full spectrum of your emotions so you can create the life you dream of.

And you don’t have to ride this healing journey alone.

Client results

"I love her. I love the advice she gives. She's so in tune on so many levels and dimensions!"

I know it’s scary and all of this feels foreign to you.

But I’m here to walk beside you, support you and provide you with tools to help you thrive.

This is your WAKE UP CALL.
Are you going to ignore, avoid and stay stuck?
Or are you going to finally pick up and make the choice to liberate yourself to heal from the inside out?

Getting Unstuck Is How You Serve The World.
You Have to Heal Your Heart to Find Your Purpose

How you relate to others and to what’s going on in the world will shift as you focus on doing your inner-work and healing.

Mother Theresa once said “There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter. You have the power to discover that light within yourself and if you keep waiting for the “right time” you could be waiting forever. It’s time to stop waiting on yourself. This is YOUR life.

I am sure you’re wondering if investing in yourself, especially during a Pandemic, is the right decision.
And the answer is ABSOLUTELY!

And  if you’re ready to discover a world of clarity, freedom, confidence and possibility that’s on the other side of your suffering, fear and hopelessness…

I am here to support you and provide you with tools to help you embrace your pain, let go of shame and unlock your healing power.

I am here to help you liberate yourself from the wounds that keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns.

I am here to show you that you can break free from generational trauma and create safe and fulfilling relationships.

I am here to show you that you are fully capable of connecting to your soul’s strength and resilience to create the life of your dreams.

You are NOT alone. I believe in you.

And I believe that there is a part of you, even if it’s a small part, that knows you don’t have to stay suffering any longer.

Because you’ve survived up until this point and you’ve made it this far. 

I remember when the world felt like too much for me- My multitude of traumas left me with mental illness- I was confused, lost, exhausted and wanted to give up. I didn’t think I deserved love, abundance, peace and joy.  

But after undergoing my own transformation over the last 10 years and dedicating my life to my spiritual growth with support therapists and mentors who made me feel safe, I was able to see the light in the darkness.

And If I can do it, I believe in the power you have too.

I’m so looking forward to CONNECTING with you.

Click the link below to complete your Private Mentorship Application

This is the first step for us to connect in a totally private, absolutely confidential way to see if we’re in alignment to do something wonderful together.

Love, Emily

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching calls are 1x per week for 60 minutes and take place on Zoom (a free video conferencing app) You will be given individualized homework each week, which includes writing and different movement and breathing exercises. Your healing and safety is my number one priority so I will tailor the program based on your individual needs. As a trauma survivor myself, I understand how trauma affects our mind and bodies, so my holistic approach to healing is trauma informed. In our time working together, you can expect to get to the root and core of your struggles, rather than just throwing a band-aid on them. This is a collaborative process and a journey that we will ride TOGETHER. My compassionate method helps YOU to explore your thoughts and feelings, while allowing you to see that you have the power to reveal the answers you seek and create sustainable changes in your life.

Trusting your gut is something you’ll learn as we work together but if you can start to tune in now, you’ll discover if you’re being called to the do the life changing healing work that will get you the results you’ve been searching for. If we feel it’s in alignment to work together after your complimentary enrollment call and you know you’ll do anything to make it work because it’s a full-bodied yes, this program is RIGHT for you.

3 month or 6 month options available. I’ve found that both of these options yield great results for my clients and help them uncover the root causes of what keeps them stuck. Longer term commitments allow for more full application and integration of the work.

If you’re not ready or feeling safe enough to do the deep healing work, it is not in your best interest to sign up for the program. If you are unsure, I am happy to help you discern whether or not your fear is an indicator that this is a leap you need to take or a sign that you aren’t ready. I only work with those who truly want and feel ready to transcend into the next chapter of their healing journey. Although my program is spiritual in nature, it is not a program for those who are looking to spiritual bypass as a way to avoid introspection. This work requires you to look inward and face much of what you may have stuffed down in order to survive up until now.

This is not a substitute for therapy. Although I integrate therapeutic principles from my psychology background and ten+ years in therapy, this program is a combination of healing modalities from my lived experiences. My program is a wonderful compliment to therapy (I’m an advocate for therapy IF you find the right therapist) This program is also for you if you’re hesitant to try traditional therapy, didn’t have a good experience with therapy or your therapist is not getting you the results you want. There is NO “one size fits all” approach when it comes to healing.

YES. I will never post anything without your consent. The contract I have in place that you receive prior to starting our program will go over the terms and conditions of the program, along with my commitment to protect you and what you share.