heal your wounds and reclaim your power

We all have underlying wounds fueling our limiting beliefs. I help you create connections between mind, body, and soul—so you can expand your consciousness, improve self-awareness, and finally heal those wounds.


Timeless Moves Virtual Experience

live every thursday @ 1pm est

The Timeless Moves experience is no ordinary dance class.

Beyond a fun and intense dance cardio workout, you will have an opportunity to connect deeply with your mind and body. My biz bestie and I commit ourselves to creating an open and safe space for you to be introspective and move through your emotional barriers and blocks, dancing into your rawest and fullest expression.

  • From freestyle to HIIT to upbeat cardio choreography, there are dance practices to appeal to all different tastes and levels – There’s a guaranteed flava just for you!
  • In addition to dance, we blend meditation and connection exercises, drawing from various modalities to create a holistic experience for your mind, body, and soul.
  • Get ready to dance your way into increased confidence and leadership, while connecting with other like-minded movers through this one-of-a-kind shared experience.


My birth was a surprise. Not in the oops, we didn’t mean to get pregnant kind of way, more in the “survival-seems-unlikely” kind of way.

To begin with, I suffered from intrauterine growth delay in my mother’s womb. That was supposed to kill me (spoiler: it didn’t). When the surprise birth occurred, I weighed in at a whopping 3 pounds, and surprised everyone again by living through the night. From there, I spent the first five months of my life in ICU, with doctors saying I’d be mentally and physically disabled if I survived.

They were mostly wrong. I made it out alive, but not unscathed: I had a submucous cleft palate, a condition which prevented me speaking or hearing well.

Ways to work together

Timeless Moves Virtual classes

One-On-One coaching

Motivational speaking, classes, workshops, & retreats

One-On-One Coaching

Reclaim your voice, discover your truth, and step into your power so you can feel free and live the life you deserve to live.

In this safe container, I help my clients develop tools to release shame and break unhealthy patterns. Co-creating together for 3-6 months, we’ll dig into the healing work and discover what’s preventing you from developing self-compassion and unpacking aspects of trauma that keep you feeling stuck.

Timeless Moves Virtual classes

Release endorphins, burn calories, regulate your nervous system and learn how to feel your emotions, releasing what no longer serves you.

In these weekly upbeat cardio dance classes, we integrate one-of-a kind movement meditations and exercises to help you connect your mind and body.

Whether you’re an experienced dancer or a complete beginner, these 45-60 minute sessions are designed for you to find your soul family in our sacred community of like minded movers. Improve endurance and burn calories, regulate your nervous system and learn how to feel your emotions and release what no longer serves you.

Motivational speaking, classes, workshops, & retreats

Elevate your next event with a motivational speech, a unique movement based practice, or impactful, connective adventure that will break down inhibitions and bring attendees together in a positive experience suitable for everyone.

Available to speak and/or guide audiences of all sizes to heal, destress, improve concentration, and feel reenergized through movement and dance. I draw from various healing modalities and tailor my programs to meet your specific requests.

Client love

"I love her. I love the advice she gives. She's so in tune on so many levels and dimensions!"


Get in Touch


Whether you’re joining my 1:1 group coaching container, participating in the Timeless Moves experience (as shown in video) or attending one of my workshops, you will have the opportunity to safely access and process your emotions, releasing what no longer serves you.

I will guide you in somatic practices that allow you to move through your emotional barriers and blocks so you can rise into your rawest and fullest expression. By supporting you in unlocking your own healing power and providing you with tools to cultivate compassion and radical self-acceptance for yourself, you will step into your divine power and create the life you deserve; A life of peace, joy and abundance .

I believe in you.

And you have everything you need to thrive.

love note for you

Are you finally ready to release the unhealthy patterns and programs that keep you feeling like a hamster in a wheel? Are you tired of going round and round in the endless circles that keep you stuck?

Are you finally ready to reprogram the subconscious thoughts and limiting-beliefs that no longer serve you for where you currently are on your healing journey and where you want to go?

Are you tired of saying “positive affirmations” that make you feel like you’re not getting anywhere?

It’s time to awaken and uncover your blocks so you can gain clarity, find freedom, and reclaim your power.

I know it’s scary to imagine what it would be like to feel safe and supported when you’ve spent your whole life feeling misunderstood. I know that it’s hard to imagine a life where you’re no longer struggling to survive because you’ve finally made it out alive on the other side of your trauma and fear.

But I believe in you.

And I’m HERE now.

To ride your healing journey alongside you- ZERO judgment.

You don’t need FIXING.

You just need SAFETY & SUPPORT.

Because you already have everything inside of you that you need to THRIVE.

I believe in you and the power you have to FEEL & HEAL.

If I climbed out of the depths of my own hell, I know you can too.

Together, let’s transmute your open wounds into beautiful scars—– Scars that reveal your resilience and limitless power to create the life of your dreams.

You don’t have to do this alone. Sending you so much love <3

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