Hi, I’m Emily.

Mentor, coach, and intuitive guide holistically empowering fellow trauma survivors

And equipping them with tools to support them in navigating their challenges so they can work through their fears, develop compassion for themselves, and move through the shame and guilt holding them back from creating the life they desire.

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As someone who suffered from intrauterine growth delay in the womb,

resulting in a submucous cleft palate and unintelligible speech, childhood bullying, multiple major surgeries to repair their speech, lost their father to suicide at the tender age of nine, faced years of narcissistic abuse, toxic relationships, financial hardships, a near death experience, a multitude of mental health challenges, attachment trauma, and a past of using drugs and alcohol to numb – I truly understand many of the severe challenges that survivors of trauma face on a visceral level.

Fast forward to today;

As a mentor, coach, and intuitive guide, I also bring my experience as an entertainment director to empower fellow trauma survivors from all walks of life, offering a holistic and creatively nuanced approach that unites my diverse expertise.

My experience includes BA in Psychology, Arts, Entertainment, years of running a successful Entertainment company, and continued education in Trauma and the Nervous System. I’ve been able to use the adversities I experienced in life, along with my training, to develop a unique and versatile methodology which combines the tangible with the intuitive and esoteric. This ensures that I can provide unique guidance to each person, whilst remaining grounded in the reality of their daily life.

Being a mentor and a life-long student, I’ve come to learn that only when we accept that we’ve been a victim (past) – and work patiently with the stored trauma in our body, can we then release the chains of victimhood and step into a fulfilling present 

As a values-led mentor; integrity, open-communication and self- responsibility from a compassionate lens are the pillars that stand as the foundation for the work I do in the world and with my clients.

I’m not here to claim that you can spontaneously rid yourself of your trauma responses forever, but I will confidently say that you can better learn to regulate and navigate those responses so they’re no longer in the driver’s seat.

My goal is to emotionally support you and create a safe space for you to feel seen and heard. I will give you a gentle push to take action steps towards your goals, while always considering the state of your nervous system. You can expect to receive tools to tap into your resilience, set realistic boundaries and release shame as you navigate your challenges.

By the way, I’m also Neurodivergent, so a passion of mine is sharing life hacks because, boy do I understand the struggle of operating in a world that wasn’t created with you in mind. I love helping fellow Neurodivergents develop effective strategies to make it easier to navigate in this neurotypical world. So, if you’re ready to be held in a judgment free space please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

BA in Psychology from Adelphi University
Ongoing Training & Development Courses with The Embody Lab
Movement For Trauma Level 1 with Jane Clapp, Jungian Psychoanalyst (IAAP)
Continued insights and invaluable lessons from my professional and personal experience.
1:1 specialized training and coaching with respected mentors, such as Africa Brooke.

Ways to Work Together Ways to Work Together Ways to Work Together Ways to Work Together Ways to Work Together Ways to Work Together 

Ways to Work Together

1:1 Mentorship and Consulting Sessions

Community and Healing Workshops Coming Soon

Today, my passion lies in sharing the wisdom I've acquired through my personal struggles.

I believe in taking a personalized approach, meeting you exactly where you are on your journey. My primary goal is to gently guide you in navigating your trauma and understanding the unique wiring of your brain, fostering a sense of friendship with it rather than treating it as an enemy. 

I won’t promise an immediate shift from ‘surviving to thriving,’ but I will equip you with the tools to better manage survival mode, establish boundaries, shed shame and guilt, and tap into your unique gifts. What I can guarantee is that you’ll have a skilled cheerleader by your side to support you on this voyage we call life.

Your trauma and challenges do not define your life sentence; instead, they are aspects to be comprehended and compassionately integrated into your being, empowering you to fulfill your purpose in this physical world. 

After all, they don't call us trauma survivors for nothing!

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1:1 Mentorship and Consulting Sessions​

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