When you become more enlightened, the more you will realize that you don’t have a single moment to waste on people whose energy does not align with yours. It’s a beautiful thing when you can make the distinction as to who is authentic and who is not and willingly separate yourself. We’re all guilty of comparison and I’ll be the first to admit that I want to call out “stupid” when I see it but the reality is that we’re all at different rates in our growth and we all do not possess the same level of emotional intelligence. The job of aware and emotionally intelligent individuals is not to stoop down and fall asleep with the majority of the world but to help awaken the masses!

✨Wakeup Wednesdays✨

🌟Everyone says they want to be happy, want to feel fulfilled, want to have success but what does this all really mean? There is no one universal measure for happiness, fulfillment, success etc. because they look different on everyone.

🌟Wake Up- As wonderful it is to have goals and manifest what we want, our focus must be on finding peace and balance, despite what we feel we have or don’t have yet.

Wakeup Wednesday

In order to recognize our unconscious thought patterns that drive our ego, it takes a lot of work. Do not believe those who tell you that the process of spiritual work is easy because although introspection and the growth that comes out of spirituality may be rewarding, it is not always a light or simple process. Getting to the core of our being and tearing down the walls we build d to protect ourselves is synonymous with going to battle with our mind every single day. Do you stop to ask yourself how, what, and why you’re reacting way you are? Do you stop to ask yourself how your words and actions are affecting those around you? Do you stop to ask yourself whether or not you’re miserable or stressed today and how you’re projecting those feelings onto those around you? Do you stop to ask whether or not your placing blame onto others and not assuming responsibility for how you feel? Do you stop to ask yourself if you’re being selfish or selfless? There are an immeasurable amount of questions we need to ask ourselves to ensure that we’re not allowing our ego to run the show but putting in the time to ask ourselves those questions can be a scary thought. Having to face our reflection, especially if we don’t like what we see may provide us with some ugly truths and make us very fearful- It is that very fear that drives the vehicle of our ego and turns us against ourselves and others. No matter how many times we try to change our reactions, if we don’t get to the root of the problem and make the unconscious conscious, we will never be able to get out of our own way.

Being on the receiving end of your own ego means you can not bring joy or love into your own life or anyone else’s. As someone who constantly strives to be the best person I can be, I still get stuck in egoic thoughts from time to time. I constantly have to check in with myself in order to make sure that I understand why I’m thinking and acting the way I am. However, it’s not just about checking in, but also also confronting my fears and implementing change to make sure I’m consciously choosing love over ego.

~Love is the natural state of our soul but it is also an earthly practice.~

⭐️ Free yourself Friday ⭐️

Many of us wonder why our relationships crumble or crash and burn. Often, we think we’re being communicative and honest with others but we’re really just yelling, not communicating. When we’re not aware of our own baggage, there is no way for us to be truly honest with others because we can’t communicate what we’re truly reacting to or what is really bothering us. For example, if your friend, boyfriend or mother said or did something that irritates you and you become reactive, you may decide to confront them about it. You may think that in confronting them and saying that you’re pissed that you’re being honest but that’s not always the case. If you’re not aware or honest with yourself about your past baggage, you will have difficulty communicating what it was about their behavior or words that triggered you to reach such a reactive and pissed place. We have to look inward, not outside of us, to discover what it is that bothers us about someone else.

Many times people have no idea why or what is causing them to feel how they feel. It’s very easy for an individual to pass blame on another person for saying something that hurt them but passing blame never gets to the root of a problem and it will work against us. We must hold ourselves accountable for our reactions and what we feel. This is not to say that we sacrifice what our boundaries are or tolerate disrespect from others but we must be able to get honest with ourselves and articulate what we feel that in a way that inspires others to see our perspective.

It’s not easy to get honest with ourselves because it requires us to have to be vulnerable and peel away many layers that we’ve built to protect ourselves. It is hard enough to get vulnerable with ourselves so imagine how difficult it is to let yourself be vulnerable with others? When we reveal our perceived flaws, weaknesses or state what we really feel and want, it may feel scary because we are exposing our inner-most selves. We translate being vulnerable with being susceptible to pain, suffering and other people’s judgments and criticisms but contrary to popular belief, the more we feed ourself the food to become open and transparent, the more full our relationships will become.

Your mind tricks you into believing that life is safer when you’re not vulnerable but if you want real freedom and don’t want to a life that’s just the illusion of freedom, you must start to get really real with yourself and others. Remember, it’s never too late to start giving yourself the freedom you deserve!

10:04PM Introduction


All of my writing content is spread out across multiple social media platforms but with a little help from a friend and knowing that I was put on this earth to serve a much higher purpose, I’ve finally decided start posting all of my content onto this blog. A part of me is saying WTF because I bought this domain a year ago and planned to start blogging then but another part of me knows that everything happens in its right time. Hey, isn’t that the battle you face too? We all do! Every single one of us. I should have done this sooner, I should have finished this earlier, I should have said this, I should have said that… How many scenarios in your life can you think of that start with “Should have?” Cut the bullshit! It’s 10:04PM on a Thursday night and here I am working on making some sort of introduction to you because I want to connect despite the fact that my eyes are already half closed. Oh wait, did I even tell you my name? Shit, isn’t introducing yourself the first thing your SUPPOSED to do when working on building a connection with someone? Did I skip over the first step? Should I have followed the “handbook?” Wait, let me cut the BS like I just told you to do because I’m pretty sure my website title gives my name away and I don’t plan on following any conventional rules here or allowing my anxiety to give power to any false thoughts that arise.

Aside from a short book that I’m working on, I will be sharing all of the wisdom I’ve gained over the course of my life so far on here. My history, my quotes, my stories, my poems, my photos, excerpts from text conversations etc. I’ve always held back and procrastinated because it was always hard to fathom starting from scratch and getting over 25 years worth of thoughts out, which actually feels like 500 years but this material will be what helps me to be of service to myself and the world. Yes, I’ll be sharing some very personal content and not giving a single f*ck what anyone thinks because I know I can help other people want to help themselves by just being myself and offering valuable lessons that I’ve learned through my own unique and one of a kind life experiences.

Despite how many wonderful motivational speakers and writers that I follow, my opinion is that many of them lack substance and authenticity. We “glorify” certain individuals because they’re calling themselves a life coach and making well over six figures but first, what led them to where they are now? What type of credentials do they have? I want their deep dark secrets that make me feel confident that they understand what it means to experience hardship, obstacles, and trauma. I know many health and fitness coaches show themselves in the best light (literally and figuratively) especially on instagram, but don’t tell me they aren’t facing their own challenges while they’re busy helping others. I never wanted the high and mighty trainer, therapist, mentor or life coach who is driven by greed, selfish desires, money, power, fame, etc. and portrays themselves as “perfect.” I want the person who has been through a lot of $hit… In fact, I want someone who has been to the inner-most depths of their $hit and somehow found the strength to pick themselves up out of it- And yes, we all have different $hit aka baggage and sometimes one person’s shit aka baggage will resonate with us more than another persons $hit aka baggage. Either way, the one thing that they all have in common is that all of their $hit is dark, smelly and gross and that’s what’s relatable to me. How about you?

Vulnerability is the bridge that connects us with others and when we are scared to show people who we really are, they either fall for our facade or run from our facade, therefore leading to a very weak bridge and false connection. As I continue to work on allowing myself to become more and more vulnerable, I choose to connect with people who do the same. With that being said, I personally could not hire a mentor who does not know what it is to hit rock bottom and/or have the courage to speak about it. I need everyones’ raw authentic and personal truth. How are you as a mentor going to assist in eliminating someone’s anxious or depressed thoughts when you’ve never shared that you’ve experienced anxiety or depression or been able to earn someone’s trust in knowing that you can empathize with those conditions?

Well, I’m here because I know the power of sharing and I know that sharing my raw unfiltered and personal truth regarding my entertainment company, Karma & Soul, my romantic relationships, my family, my jobs etc. will be the gateway for a new and unique type of coaching; Coaching that offers people the opportunity to gain a friend who is also an experienced support system. How many of us just want to feel that we’re not alone and that someone understands us? Imagine finding someone who offers their guidance by being able to relate to your experience and position? Imagine someone who doesn’t just say “Dump his sorry @ss” when you’re fighting with your boyfriend or spouse but actually inspires you to make the decision that is going to serve YOUR highest good? Let’s face it, many people mean well and have good intentions but their protectiveness or love for you shadows their ability to truly support the journey you need to take. Imagine finding someone who channels their wisdom in a relatable, non-judgmental and friendly way? You may think this sounds a lot like therapy but in fact, it is what many therapists fail to do. Imagine someone never telling you what you SHOULD or SHOULDN’T do, only guiding you towards learning how to become your best self while becoming a friend or someone who is like family to you?

I can imagine it because I was lucky enough to have been sent an Angel named Letty who was able to do that for me from about 2009 until she passed away in 2016. I’m now being guided to follow her in footsteps and help others who are just like me, a soul who is constantly evolving and in transformation. Don’t worry I’ll be sharing a lot more about her down the road 😉

I look forward to sharing many pieces of my multifaceted self with all of you from birth to now. Let this be a safe place for you to learn, cry, laugh, connect, and grow!


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